by Dead Cinema

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Arising from the grave in the festering contango years at the dawn of the fourth turning, treading the fraying hems of a gentrifying downtown world, Dead Cinema sprouted from the cracks as an effulgently wry, running confabulation between two impecunious, cantankerous garret haunters with little more than a scrap of someone else's letter of introduction to the world in the form of a NKOTB trading card—I.O.U.s from a Ponzi investment back in their San Francisco days, before it finally fell to the robots..
It should, but it might not, go without saying that the prevailing cultural narratives foisted upon us are rejected here, either successfully, or unsuccessfully.
Words cannot so easily sum up the music, so stop reading. On Portmanteau, Mr. Strange inhabits a genre of no budget exploitation unto himself, offsetting Mr. Breeden's broody, Cassandraesque musings. Refreshingly, for those of apparently few of us whose brain hasn't been melted by EDM, EMF, EMGs, ELO or DOC, no one is overtly competent here, or attempting to portray any variety of manicured hoboism so readily propogated by other shoestringers in the contemporaneous climate as authentic. The songs are unfashionably late to cohere, parched behind the tears. At times, Ms. Johanne is the glue shyly holding things together, and Cerebral Cortez amazingly bends time to accomodate such a wilted behest. YMMV, like a melted box of weird tasting chocolates. LOHell.


released August 31, 2010

All songs by Dead Cinema
Gib, Cerebral Cortez, J & Sara
Recorded and mixed by Dead Cinema in the Accounting Office
Mastered by Mell Dettmer


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Most Dangerous Star
Creep like Cinderella no need for an umbrella with you, you are the most dangerous star.
When you wake up extra early, but you're still in a hurry, what can you do, you are the most dangerous star.

You gentleman of the highest order, you rich men can't afford her, she's free, just like me.
She's Canada's greatest sinner, walker her home after dinner which was free, just like me.

There's burglars in the cellar, those laughing drunken feller's, don't they know, you are the most dangerous star.
And if your precious baby contracts pernicious rabies, what can you do, you are the most dangerous star.
Track Name: The Great Indoors
When they put me away, will you visit me everyday?
Until I get better, will you write me love letters?
Like a lengthy chord in a mental ward, you are so hard to come by.

Don't go out when it's sunny on Sundays
Don't go to work to make money on Monday
and it's dinner for two on Tuesday
and I don't know what day it is today
Track Name: Ghost of a Chance
I've got a new one and you got one too and with our new one will make the gray skies blue
and if we run out we'll simply run out to the store
we'll be all smiles all down the aiels, to the casher and then back here.
I've got a new one and you got one too and with our new ones, we'll make the old days new

And if we throw up we'll simply throw up our trembling hands, custards last dance
there'll be a pile that smell so vile and lingers on long before we are gone
I've got a new one and you got one too and with our new one will make the gray skies blue

This just in; it's not gonna be ok. Turn out we are evolving apart, though i'd call, but I got nothing to say good luck on your continent worlds away.

and if we pass out we'll simply pass out our deepest regrets so in the morning,
morning our last warnings, ghost of a chance here lays Jack Vance
I've got a new one and you got one too and with our new one we'll make the gray skies blue

Actually my friend everything alright you know what they say what do you wanna do, as long your paying we can hit up the store, only the poor ought to worry, I got no hurries anymore.
Track Name: Atypical Day
On the other side of the river where I don't wanna be, I woke up to harassment and the prospects of a new day
There's beer in the snow ball, it looks like a mine, a few of them aren't empty, few of them were mine.
My car's still stuck but we're in luck there's another potluck just get in and be taken hostage for as long as it takes.

It's an atypical day

Who are we to make demands when the day is out of our hands?
Negotiation has all but stalled, say hi to me on the post office wall.
It's an atypical night who are we to put up a fight,
just get in and be take hostage for as long as it takes

It's an atypical day

Guess we'll sit around and wait
surrender to a drunken faith
give each other knowing looks
talk about more half read books
hostage for as long as takes
my life's become one big mistake

Even if the girls will never show, never will show never answer they're phones.
We'll be introduced to roommates, drug deals in the snowy suburbs of hell,
they're not loosing hope and this won't be done til I wake up on somebody's floor completely broke.

It's an a typical day
Track Name: Hemlock Row
An armadillo in transylvania, in your picture show, a friend in of the family a friend in the know

I never drink before seven and I sleep in a tuxedo
and my chastaty belt was made in heaven from the skins of an ancient armadillo

now I sit here on the hemlock row, now you sit there in the front row

I'm a people person, we're people all for the birds, we'll celebrate baby jesus with the storks at the end of the word.

nothing up my sleeves but scars

there aint no people persons down at the north pole
there aint no christmas dinner just a big lump of coal

An armadillo in transylvania smashed up on the road, in the name of the euro union they turned all the ravens to crows.

When you wake up thursday evening, wearing my sunday clothes, come see the Thorazine shuffle in the Titicut show
Track Name: Mr. Popular
I got it straight from the source
Went and bet on the wrong horse
Called me up for a couple of bucks
Last time he loaned money he went and bought a Mexican divorce

He wears a white linen suit and I've got holes in my shoes
He's reluctant as hell to split up the loot
Eating caviar in Belarus
Mail order brides on back order
Credit agencies in hot pursuit

I was a boy in the girl's bathroom when I met you
You pushed me to the mirror and you pulled me through...
It was pitch dark in the bedroom except for the glowing lights of a dozen cigarette cherries
Well it looks like I'm Mr. Popular tonight!
Mr. Popular... Mr. Popular...
My name's Mr. Popular. Who the fuck are you?
When Mr. Popular makes the scene he always makes a scene
He's dressed in a grin but it's wearing thin
Mr. Popular, if anyone asks.
Mr. Popular, read the lips on his mask.
I know it's hard to believe

So high on horse glue...
He's getting high on his horse
Head on the bar and an empty glass...
Strolled into the bar like a horse's ass
Framed for an impersonation of a priest!
On trial for a felony
Don't believe in Manogamy
I got my own little philosophy!!
He'll be popular in the leper colony
Just can't hold a good man back
Twelve thousand roses and daffodil hips
Just striking poses to compliment malvolent quips
Says the headstone, "Get off my fool of ships."

He wears a white linen suit
And I've got holes in my shoes
He sent someone I've never seen
He says it's running keeps him lean
He walks the wide avenues like it's the allies of Beruit
Says he writes for a magazine
Doesn't care what it is you believe
He looks behind him on the streets
Avoids the manholes with his feet
He stays in public when we meet
Says he'll soon be off for Crete
Remember me? It's your old friend?
He says I can't quite remember when
Was it in Laos, or was it in, perhaps, Tuileries, yes Les Jardins

He wears a white linen suit
And I've got holes in my shoes
He sent someone I've never seen
He says it's running keeps him lean
Track Name: Get Away Lane
Don't need no get away driver, driving me insane, dont need no get away, I'm better off walking off in the pouring rain.

Had a dream without you, there's wormwood in the van, just cause I was sleeping there, don't mean we can't just be friends.

don't need no getaway driver, I'm better off looking for somebody else to blame

I've been looking for trouble, woke up early the day I died, just because they say I'm a drifter, doesn't mean I won't fin you one day.

don't need no getaway driver. just because nothings ever fair, don't mean the means justify the end, let say we're just friends.
Track Name: Twilight Of My Career
Never seen this one before
But I think i know how it ends
Nothing really happens
Nothing changes but the lens
I'm sipping grin and tonic and take off is all set
Sittin between D.B. Cooper and a pretty young brunette
As the plane begins to lift off
She begins to drift off
My heart falls for her as her head falls to my shoulder
Could I get a walk on part in her dreams could it even be bolder

Outside the window a creature on the wing
Tips his hat as he starts to sing

You will hear my song as the plane goes down
You'll be allright once you hit the ground

We'll see who's paying for soft drinks in siberia
You'll wish you'd been blacklisted when you see the parts you get
Sellin coal on the black market baby
All the worlds gettin paid
tragedy is all the rage
A transcontinental greyhound bus I found
A flying jalopy and the jewel of the crown
Just going somewhere else to wander around
Might be raining beneath the clouds
You will hear my song as the plane goes down
You'll be allright once you hit the ground

In the spotlight so many lines
All the world's a cage
Everyman for himself
Women, children and lambs
First class, business class, burning class, steerage
Welcome the stormy seas
Just keep your eyes glued to the screen

One blink too many--Cooper wakes me up
Forget my dreams as Cooper says, "I don't mean to interrupt."
But I don't need no boxcutter, baby
Just smash your bombay bottle on this trashy TV screen
First order of business is to jettison things
For our last performance, my friend, we'll be living like kings

It'll be allright once we hit the ground