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Morning sweeps in with history and headaches. Didn't I tell you yesterday? I lost the bet. I lost you but I won the game, now they're watching me play. Things I told and didn't who's after me now? When the whole town's you're opium den, it's yours to get stuck once again, but the girl in the back is the one with our money, nothing is new around town. Eternity's always around.....
No Strangers 03:28
The moon draws heavy shadows and I'm losing my fights. As the road lay wide and open, there was no reasoning out. I fell into a sanguine light--- In a land where there's no strangers, keep your thoughts close to mine. On a shore without faces, come the morning we'll sail on before the heat's in my jaw and the bellows hit the wall, Pour me all of your time, close enough for awhile. There goes my eye but who'll remember? Once the blame fall down.
There are many ways, I'd say. It's an ordinary day today, it might lead us to a fine place. I went all the way, but I stopped and hollowed my face. Hollow am I, hollow the bone and the roofs we are walking as hollow as truth. So I stepped out, wished I was home, but I was all alone, all on my own, don't you go away.
Once I decided to stay, few in between the things that prevail. Once my bags were packed, this time around you're not sending me back. We'll call it before now, light hold on my mind. Few hit wonder no wonder, having no hope gone and raised the stakes. Mining the worshipping dead, forgetting their names and what it was they did. We've been here before now, light hold off my mind. Time gone by is yours, things will stay without force. Time gone by is mine, til you say it's just fine.
Denounce 01:11
Somewhere close to near here, lying on the floor, still demanding more, swept into the gutter, mantras drain to shore from nowhere in particular if you really know to care. Are you game for leavng or do you have to disappear? The semblance of abandon, sweeps in with chilly air A departure to remember, something left to share, like you weren't thinking to much of it, heading anywhere. Are you game, confounded(?), sounding commonplace. Have you feigned a visage, relinquishing a face, Far Into the night on atrophied ideas, anything wise beyond its years. Seems I'm far from near here, can't think as to why. The lies they wanna hear, long since transmogrified. Tried it with my hands tied, tried it with one eye. Things that you remember, unclouded by regret, are more like things that haven't happened as of yet. Foolish help of memories so easily decieved. We're all men of reason! Going on with such confidence is not to be believed....
Sne 03:57
Over and Out 02:00
I stepped out in the morning traffic, I thought I had somewhere to be.
heard the wind the isle will sever in the wind's fall - I'd say I never learned & on & on & on when could I want, when I, haunt another land when will you say that it's now or never why won't you say that it's now or never I know I know that it's now or värdelös world is lost dreamed i never oneiric weather


released August 25, 2009

Sara Johanne ~ guitar, keys, vocals
J Breeden ~ guitar, vocals
Recorded in the Accounting Office
Mixed by J Breeden & Sara Johanne
Mastered by Eric Ames
All songs Sara Johanne and J Breeden
Thanks to Matthew Morgan, Felix Mercer & Martha Davis


all rights reserved



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