Nigh Chaparral IV

by Nigh Chaparral

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Goin down to make snow cones in the ice caves Dinner’s cookin on the asphalt of the freeways Everyone was making movies about the living dead Now they are frantic ‘cause it wasn’t all in their heads Don’t look now They prattle on so that we can remain entertained While the aliens are feeding on our brains Most of our leaders & celebrities Have been replaced by empty-skulled bodies Some people plead & beg not to have their brains sucked out Some are relieved to let it come about Don’t look now No way to know exactly who you can trust They exploit our avariciousness & hone in on our lust Some people speculate they must be giant insects With a long proboscis & a body like a bowflex When they bite you, they hold you up high Crucify you against the sky Others claim it emanates from a screen Or it’s a virus embedded in our dreams Something’s rummaging around under the floor… Shadows are growing that are darkening my door! Don’t look now
When will we ever learn The libraries will burn Taking the wrong turn onto the free way as in a dream you can't quiet your scream Savour our regrets while blowing kisses in the general direction of ambition Just like the fire, a necklace out of tire wind likes to kick and the fire likes to lick Fracture our sense building up fences seeing obsolescence ignoring discretion
Baron Roy 03:26
Wish we could've hurried Although death came slow in June, You conscious and the rose growing Slowly in the condo lot We practice on tomorrows The sweet still days of past Hanging over our bed... Can't force a thrill And in the painless presence Of the animals they kill or banish The phantoms that hang in the corners Until the smoke forces them out Black as horses eyes Moving in your seat
There’s a kid with a kestrel that’ll get black lung It’s ancestral ‘cause of where he’s from There’s a hypochondriac who shuns the bums While all the other kids are having fun & I can watch the stars Migrate across the sky In no time, no time at all Everything causes cancer in California You can plead with the angels how they never warned ya From the gold mines down through to Patagonia Everything causes cancer in California & there are disappearing polar bear cubs & there are all of us who turn & shrug & the officers carry ornamental guns & we’re set adrift to sink into the sun & we forget just who we are Migrate near & far In no time, no time at all Everything causes cancer in California You can plead with the angels how they never warned ya From the gold mines down through to Patagonia You can plead with the devil & wait in Arizona & you can plead with the angels & you can search for the answers Study mindfulness Wrap it in a pretty dress Take it up with the courts & the jesters on the shore You can wait until it festers You can rant until we’re bored You can blame it on the westerns Yoga mats & empty nesters But you’ll never be sequestered No, you’ll never be sequestered Everything causes cancer in California From the redwoods down to the old ammonia You can plead with the angels how they never warned ya Everything causes cancer in California
One thing you start to feel out here is that We’re going to watch everything disappear What did you think that we held dear? Poking through dimensions with the tip of a spear A sonic boom Through The blooming clouds That’s the sound Of the future Looming down That’s the sound! We came from a land where the tree limbs used to sing & we Thought we owned them & every little thing & we Always had a delusional king but we Knew you only got what is stolen & we wandered incessantly & we believed in rationality & everyone took offense at what you believed & we lived where people were prone to seeing things Our saints appeared at Superstion Springs
So Easy 05:08
wouldn't it be easy wouldn't it be so easy shouldn't it be easy shouldn't it be so easy I wanna go down to the market place I wanna go down, get another round for who ever's still around, but it's closed it's been for many hours shouldn't it be easy shouldn't it be so easy wouldn't we be happy to find ourselfs lost on the cusps of the next cause shouldn't we be happy shouldn't we be so happy the pardon's in the hall a pardon in a hall couldn't it be called, shouldn't it be called a fuck all shouldn't we be easy, shouldn't we be so easy I wanna go down to the market place shouldn't it be easy shouldn't it be so easy
Never get where you're going Just shuffle around Self-appointed all knowing Wait for the bombs to come down I'm bored of waiting To become unsound Never get where we're going Just shuffle around Lurking here A static mirror It is unclear I'm tired of waiting To become unsound Lack of expectations is Getting me down There's a stalemate in the sky & shards of sand Won't you come give me a surprise You know we'll never land Never get where we're going Just shuffle around
Now we dance around the fumaroles Ice is scattered from the poles We may as well be anthracite Burning in eternal night Once again a mystery Is what it was revealed to be The rocks rain down like bullets now Sent from a galactic cloud Nothing out there makes a sound Until it all comes crashing down Thence all of our brilliant schemes Vanish just like last night’s dreams Into the glare of Market Street Dirty as a chimney sweep The pious souls all dig for gold Bones line the paths cut into rocks so cold Where the effect begets the cause The little space between the laws Calls to mind a hidden copse Into a pool a stream of water drops Buildings now stand all around Like where our bodies were impounded While they set to work on us Never a matter of who to trust You would remember the summertime The strangeness of the carnival rides Nauseating jerks & glides Caught up in the confusing guises Cotton candy carnivores Roman candle bottle rocket wars Beads of sweat upon your skin Whatever it is, let’s do it again A curious eye in the corner of mine the meandering mind of a vagabonds child Waiting in line for a line on a wall another cantation we shall have it all At variable speeds on a flying trapeze a tumultous day when you throw it away If your heart is devout then you will go without that is the void that will nullify doubt
Stripping 09:32
My thinking is blinkering My sinking is feeling All of my problems, returning All the same old yearnings How disconcertingly fading beauty scars Blindingly Hindsightedly Not one thing ever would’ve been otherwise Too obtuse to need excuses Too aloof to call on muses Tears ripple like tears in space-time Like ripping off cinchona bark In a frenzy for the quinine Stripping your life for parts


Was it a baby lynx or cougar? Finally it totters over and peeks out from behind a tree. Where is the mama? In a flash of dust at dusk. Departing the downtown of the smallest known town for life outside at the end of the canyon. Looking for anywhere to cool off. Getting to know the cut off smolt that nibble on your feet until you can’t take it anymore & flinch & fall back on the banks of the tree covered pools waiting for fall. Near invisible insects whorl at tremendous speeds at the edge. The lichened rocks of the river proper animate with their camouflaged denizens. Startled by a beaver swimming right up, unconcernedly heading upstream. Now the heron is back at its lonely post. The ospreys are still sitting on the old telephone poles and veering over the cut. The bison are biding their time over across from the gas station, fenced in for now. Like the river a little further up, still held in check. A new old friend with old new vines invites us to tend them. Hang around long enough, & you’ll luck out some of the time.


released May 1, 2020

Recorded by Gilles in Studio Olivia, in Portland, Ore.

Mae Starr - vocals, keyboard, synthesizer,
Monte Allen - bass, synthesizer
Gilles - drums, percussion, synthesizer
J Breeden - vocals, guitars, synthesizer
Sara Johanne - vocals, keyboard, violin, synthesizer

Mixed by J Breeden & Sara Johanne in Lyle, WA
Mastered by Gus Elg
All songs by Nigh Chaparral 2020

Cover art by Jeremiah Maddock


all rights reserved



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