by Zouaves

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..the art-scorched inferno of Zouaves' new album, Hydracast, offers something proggier, grimmer, darker...Hydracast kicks off with "Soi Cowboi," a demonic invitational that sets the stage for tracks like the ferocious "Wear It Thin" and the shadowy, lurking blues-fungus of "Welder." Elsewhere, the triumphantly catchy "Trubaird" (sung by drummer Andre Coberly) lets some sunlight in through the cobwebs, and "Stand Up" and "Don't Let It" (both sung by bassist Sara Johanne) are high-powered steamrollers that build momentum with surprising nimbleness. Ned Lannamann, The Mercury

"...one of the most individual, interesting, and downright enjoyable records to come out of Portland in a while." -Ned Lannamann, The Mercury

"Zouaves make fucking good music, and Hydracast, the band’s second album, is a fucking good album." -Get it on vinyl

"A mi-chemin entre le rock et le blues garage, la pop psychédélique et le punk rock britannique, ZOUAVES brouille les cartes pour mieux surprendre." -Kaput Brain Webzine

Digital version includes bonus track, a cover of 'Comin' Home Baby' popularized by Mel Tormé.


released July 29, 2014

J Breeden - vocals, guitars
Andre Coberly - vocals, drums
Sara Johanne - vocals, bass
Chris Vallerga - guitars

Additional vocals on 1 & 9: Mae Starr, Catherine Odell

Recorded and mixed at Type Foundry by Cory Gray and Jason Breeden
Mastered at Sky Onion by Gus Elg


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Soi Cowboi
Village girls beyond the shrouds
There'll be a break beyond the clouds
& a lovely light will filter through
We'll finally live how we've always wanted to
Everybody's lost their minds
the Reeperbahn's done been gentrified
Aquatic creatures congregating at the edge of town
But Judgement's coming from in inside out

13 sisters all the same age
"You know, you deserve a little bigger stage,"
But I shoulda left before the 14th came
The excitement she inspired was more like pain…
Thrust onto the cusp of the abyss
Even horizon at the edge of her hips
Why return where you won't be missed?
But the hook was lodged too deep to resist

My gilded prospects are clearing out
The water's not recognizing sacred ground
Provocation of the heavens gonna bring down the rain
Reengineered to never recognize disdain

Come on down…

"Plug your finger in this hole till I'm back,"
The dykes'll hold they've only started to crack—
Banking on the fear of being left alone
The power keeps transferring down below

Come on down
Hoi polloi
Red light eyes
Soi Cowboi

Come on down
Ahoy ahoi
The heavens cry
for Soi Cowboi

Track Name: Trubaird
Trubaird! You sail the Seven Seas
Lifted by an ocean breeze
They know what you're looking for, there's keys under the ground
Buried with a big black “X” and palm trees all around
Trubaird! The heart calls from afar
Your cutty is a model in a jar
You produce a ghastly roar that swells up from the floor
A twitching smile and crooked spine your tattered flag does soar

[Trubaird you're in danger
There's steam upon the bow
Now Trubaird you're of mountain
With fire in the clouds -
With fire in the clouds]

Trubaird the rope's around your neck
With tears on her cheek a personal shipwreck
All your maps have lied to you your cannons are all gone
A steady whirl has cracked your skin and peeled apart the dawn.

Track Name: Don't Let It
Don't let it in
Don't let it on
Don't let it out

I'm getting ready, holding steady
gonna push on through no matter what you do

Don't let it show
Don't let it go
Don't let it out

I see it coming but i'm not running
gonna push on through no matter what you do

(Johanne, Breeden)
Track Name: Wear It Thin
Lead dents in the signs
There's ruts in the lines
Holes in my story
Cuts in your lies
Holes in the holes
through the slits of your eyes
Why don't you wanna love me
Gone & tossed us aside

Holes in my pockets
Worn out shoes
Leaks in the walls
Bills that are due
Two punctured tires
Theories ensue
Don't nobody care
When you're riddled through & through & through

Push your dreams away
Sell 'em for a song
Don't go chasing what's already gone

Now there's cracks in the light
All direction lost
Nothing but nothing is getting across
There's a rift in the night
Above an absence of ground
Theories accrue
& rumors they get around

Track Name: Stand Up
Stand up & be my all
stand up & be it all
you loose it all, when you chose it all

Get out & be my guest
we loose it all when we choose it all

We'll still be here after they close

Open up don't be afraid
I know a way if you really can't stay

To get lost in whirl
I know the way if you really can't stay

We'll still be here after they close

Let's get rich to fill this void
I'll get rich so be my girl
we had it all, behind a wall

Let go, but stay real close
we had it all now we're ready for the fall

We'll still be here after they close

Stand up, get lost, stand up, let go

(Johanne, Breeden)
Track Name: Roan
Power pushes the turbine
Looks like I'm back on line
I'm not going anywhere without my horse - If I can fit through this war
Steel misery

Bloody stitching coming off my bones - My saddle holds only stones
New frontier forming in me

[No more sitting in the sun - On the range - life sustained
No more sitting in the sun - On the range - life sustained
Mined ores pump through my veins]

Power pushes the turbine
Looks like I'm back on line
I'm not going anywhere...

Smoke rings halt the progress
Guy lines pull and digest
I've lost touch with anything too close—They've only captured a ghost

Climb a mountain, from the gap there
Bluff looks at a town bare
Highway signs cover up old scenes—Fuel lining a stream

[Concrete sticking to my feet - banner day, time is frayed
Congregation flooding out—they all got needs, electric schemes
No more sitting in the sun—on the range, clouds are stained
Oh lord, it's happening again]

Get shot at the last stand
Get taught by a mad man

Power pushes the turbine
Looks like I'm back on line
I'm not going anywhere without my horse—If I can fit through this war
That's where you'll find me

(Coberly, Breeden)
Track Name: Welder
Watch your hands around that crazy carpenter
Close your eyes around that one-eyed welder
Looks like I’m in love again

Mix your pain with distain as you sit inside your den
Have a glass of cement as your room begins to spin
Looks like I’m in love again

Crush your bones in the door as the air is growing thin
Keep your nose in the rose while the bees produce their sin
Looks like I'm in love

Watch your hands around that crazy carpenter
Close your eyes around that one-eyed welder

Track Name: Ghostrider
Everything was better before
With a little more suffering & a lot less show
Extra-judicial, fill in the interstitial
& no one's getting out of war

Leave me aloof
but don't leave me
with these mindless fools

Little earthling go away
Come back another day
We'll put you in the oven
& eat your skin

The castic sure thing
As all the experts say
Fulflilling our predictions
Living in sin

Little birdy go your way
We've filled the river up with clay
to gather up light
to entertain our honored friend

Raze the sky out from the rust
Smash the rock right into dust
Obscuring the horizon
to preserve the splintered wind

Ghost rider
beyond the pale
tooth & nail

(Breeden, Coberly)