by Zouaves

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Damn Near Ineluctable Got dropped off wheezing coal-faced on the side of the road Nestled in the mountains in the dark not far from a town I thought I used to know Heading towards the cut got startled by the voice of a ratty old hobo He said, "What's the matter you been gone too long to remember your old friend, Bobby Jones? You been out on the coast? "Don't need the cogs of your devotion to keep running this accursed regime. Don't assume nobody's interested in what you think about how things might seem. You think the Illuminati's weaning their machines off gasoline? You gotta find a way to spurn your wheels, and get around by other means. They got the world in tow…." —J. Breeden
You chewed up my stomach and bit into my eyes You told me I look better off dead than alive So bring down the lights boys and realize that will keep this building The house was abandoned, the floor shaved a stain You crackled my bones and showed me down the drain So bring down the lights boys and realize that will keep this building My clothes smell like earth where worms like to hide You sit within view of those that have just died So bring down the lights boys and realize that will keep this building It wasn't just the sun, when the morning comes It wasn't all our fault, when the morning comes —Andre Coberly, Sara Johanne
Jumper 03:30
Jumper, jumper, take my photo and fly This parachute, my parachute will save my life to night you'll find me at the bottom, I'll be working alright —Andre Coberly
Ways to Go 04:14
The streets are paved with dynamite Shards of Sierra, laid across the sky The screens of our dreams will abandon us all The walls close in, but never fall We've got a ways to go Before we can pretend to know —J. Breeden
Banishment 04:45
The lines on the map were vanishing Demarcations of banishment What became of the vessel is a mystery Lights arising from beneath the sea The crimes were ascribed to noble men But paid for by the innocent On a pilgrimage to the Orient Running up a tab when the money's all spent Silver chain on his watch & embroidered seams The second hand ticks in centuries The low hanging fruit warded off the good deeds & the raindrops fell like apostrophes The slave to evolution was heaven sent A raven haired mistress that never said where she went So easy to control, if only up to an extent Sacrificing all self-governance Her feet were cloven & her pants were wet Her palate was chosen In shades of regret She made a lunge for the color Clearly in debt Relying on memory Clearly bereft Felt the thunder before they heard a sound Standing in the fields just looking around Lightning emanated up from her crown Just passing the time is a battleground —J. Breeden
Golden Arms 04:26
There was a man, a kind of stunted lad he spent his days in various waiting rooms He had a dog, born from a petri dish Became a mighty tree, planted on the coastal side And those golden arms keep pushing me down towards the sea. Woke on a wave, on a leaky raft I had no oars and yet I seemed to splash I built a wing from an army cot Laced it with chrome from an old robot
Kriget 04:01
Kriget er begyndt en kugle i din ryg for dem der flygter efterladt lige ved starten Kriget var aldrig overstaet kun efterladt og bleget i solen men skyggerne er stadig lange den sidste ende er altid her Kriget er tilfaldigt forgifter sig selv midlertidlige sejre forenens kun denne gang Kriget er fortabt meninglost og ubetydlig i lyset af hjulet som uafbrudt drejer —Sara Johanne, Jason Breeden
Frankenstein 05:59
Bury me with a light so I can still read Bury me with a tube so I can still breath Bury me under glass so my family can see Bury me with a map so I can still leave Frankenstein's alive tonight Find me a wife with hair so white Marry me with a priest who's not afraid to cry Marry me with an oath that last until I die Put two coins on my eyes so I can still ride Undress me by the river wash me as I lay -Andre Coberly


"No one instrument takes precedence in the world of Zouaves….the group tears into rhythms and melodies with well-balanced ferocity and volume." - Robert Ham, Willamette Week

"...nice, smoky, subdued garage rock...” -Lost Sounds


released August 14, 2012

Recorded in some warehouse
Mixed and Mastered by Matthew Morgan & Zouaves

Special thanks to Scott Hampton, Catherine Odell & Jack Green

Andre Coberly ~ drums, vocals
Chris Vallerga ~ guitar
J Breeden ~ guitar, keys, vocals
Sara Johanne ~ bass, keys, vocals

AIO 013


all rights reserved



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